To Book Your Party, Please Call 888-898-4TBW

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Parties are fun and interactive – you help create your products with unique scents & colors. Host selects up to 5 fragrances in addition to the standard 20 popular fragrances available to party guests. Invitations provided upon request.  The booking fee covers a dedicated host for up to 2 hours, along with the store preparation for the party and clean-up afterward. Parties extending past 2 hours are subject to a $10 per hour fee.  Party packs are per guest – minimum of 4 guests at $30 per attendee. You may provide your own food and drink. Min age is 8 years. During the party, the entire store is 10% off for all party guests and family. 

A non-refundable booking fee of $25 (4 – 8 guests) or $50 (9 – 12 guests) is required before confirmation of date.

$30 Bathing Basics
one 4 oz salt scrub & two 2 oz pumpables
one 8 oz crystals & two 2 oz pumpables

$40 Scent Journey
one 4 oz salt scrub, two 2 oz pumpables & one 4 oz hydrating botanical mist
one 8 oz crystals, two 2 oz pumpables & one 4 oz hydrating botanical mist

$50 Destination Relaxation
one 8 oz salt scrub, one 8 oz crystals,
one 2 oz pumpables & one 2 oz crème soufflé

Custom Party Pack
Create your own custom party pack with the help of our knowledgeable sales associate.
Minimum price for custom packs is $40 per attendee.